From Rachel Roper, school librarian for Cornish, NH Elementary school:
Henry at Cornish Elementary SchoolHenry Homeyer is well known in our little town of Cornish for his expertise in gardening and the books and newspaper columns he writes about gardening are very popular.  When I heard that he had written a chapter book for children, I was intrigued and ordered it for our school library right away. Wobar and the Quest for the Magic Calumet is a delightful read and I couldn’t wait to find out what happened from one chapter to the next!
We were fortunate to have our PTO invite him to visit with our students.  Mr. Homeyer now has a huge fan club here at Cornish Elementary School.  The children still talk about his visit and his book is circulating non-stop.  He has a great way of connecting with the students and met with each of our classes in grades 1-8.  Every age group was engaged as he read the first few chapters of his book and left them hanging, wanting to hear more!  Two classes were able to talk him into reading a little bit more.
There were many wonderful aspects to his visit, but the way he shared his commitment to journaling had the students and staff mesmerized and inspired. The students were very interested as he recounted his journaling experience and read excerpts from his own dairies from the 50’s!  He had students write as well, using the illustrations from his book as prompts.  The exchanges between Henry and the students were heartwarming.  They were so excited to have an author reading their work! (after a journaling exercise he did with them).



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